WP6 – Individual Barriers and Enablers

Start: March 2020. End: August 2020. Lead partner: European University Institute

The aim of WP is to examine the individual trajectories of post-2014 migrants, including asylum seekers and refugees into the labour market and more generally, into their host societies, and how barriers are experienced, and (re-) acted upon, in different national and socio-economic contexts.

In this respect, WP6 will examine the norms, values, attitudes, expectations, and behaviors of post-2014 migrants, refugees, asylum seekers regarding their social and labour market participation and inclusion, thus grasping the individual-level dimension of the study qualitatively and intensively. In addition, the aim here is to target both the needs and aspirations of post-2014 migrants, refugees and asylum seekers – focusing on women and young people – as well as the perception of the citizens of the host societies. WP6 will investigate the needs of migrants and refugees/asylum seekers vis-à-vis their skills and what they consider to be barriers and enablers to potential avenues for integration.

In-depth biographical interviews with selected post-2014 migrants, refugees, asylum seekers in each country will be conducted, with a focus on women and young individuals. Moreover two film essays will be developed. The first film will focus on the challenges faced by migrants, asylum seekers and refugees as they look for a job, undertake a job interview, exploit networks to find a job and indeed start work. The second film will look at the concerns of natives – about migrants taking their jobs, unfair competition, people who speak a foreign language, who have unusual requests about food, religious practices, ways of dressing, as well as addressing stereotypes and learning to live together, the concerns of employers about the honesty or reliability of migrant workers, as well as the views of employers but also of colleagues about the rights of migrants, and examples of misunderstandings and how they were solved.

Outputs: Film essays, Individual Barriers and Enablers