Policy Learning Platform

SIRIUS’ policy learning platform serves as a hub for migrants and migrant communities, for policymakers and lawmakers, for social partners, for CSOs and for any stakeholder linked to the integration of migrant, refugees and asylum seekers into the European labour markets. The goal is to have new and old policy actors coalesce in this focal point in order to develop innovative solutions for key decisionmakers on the issue of integration in labour markets for newcomers. This shall be inspired by the research of the SIRIUS project, and by the narratives that SIRIUS has uncovered in each of the project countries.

The platform provides access to which actors can be contacted at European and national level according to the topic of integration, a list of SIRIUS tools for facilitating policymaking on the topic, a collection of publications - academic, policy and not only - to provide a clearer picture about the situation on the ground in the many studied countries, a list of good practices to provide an opportunity to adapt successful solutions based on the context, a toolkit to assist policymakers and a place where all stakeholders can come together, collaborate and share their work to the benefit of the many. Below you can find the two main sections of the platform, guiding you to EU-level resources or national resources. We hope you can find partners to network with, resources and good practices that can aid you, but most importantly that you will use the specific sections geared towards sharing your own resources in order to expand the SIRIUS community.

Welcome to our SIRIUS family and we hope the inspiration you gather here can be spread further to be able to support migrants, refugees and asylum seekers in the best way possible.

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