Legacy Networks

The Legacy Networks represent a reflection of the European level Priority Action Network, but designed to enhance collaboration at the local, regional and national level all across Europe. They offer a space for communities across the countries of the project to develop their own collaboration space to work on the social and labour market integration of MRAs. These networks will mobilize local actions and solutions which can be transferred, modified and contextualized to meet their needs. Stakeholders can use all the knowledge collected in these sections to find ways to collaborate with marginalized and excluded communities, social movements and civil society organizations across different territories enhancing their capacity for effective advocacy by minimizing the cognitive distance they may have from key actors in the policymaking process. Thus communities, social movements and civil society organizations will have their own dedicated transnational space to share innovations and policy proposals which, once ready, can be submitted to the online policy learning platform for discussion, immediately reaching the established and evolving policymaking communities which form the ‘European Communities of Practice’.


   Czech Republic






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